Transformation Medical Spa has partnered with UltraSlim, the only technology for instant fat reduction, to provide body contouring to our patients. It is completely painless, noninvasive, safe, and can be done at your lunch break! UltraSilm uses red light to shrink fat cells and produce collagen, reducing wrinkles. We create an individualized care plan to achieve your specific body contouring goals. Your care plan may include a series of UltraSlim body contouring treatments, whole body vibration, hydration, a compression garment, and nutritional supplements. In clinical trials recorded at (NCT02867150), patients averaged 1.6 liters of fat loss at each treatment.
Enjoy the benefits of UltraSlim Body Contouring:
• No nerve damages
• You are guaranteed to be happy with your results.
Treatment plans depend on your goals and area to be treated. Visit Transformations Medical Spa today for body contouring.