Skin Care

Oxygen Botanicals

  • We offer the best in skincare. This product is revolutionary because oxygen is put in their products leaving the skin youthful in appearance.
  • This product is water based and lives up to its name.

Transformations Medical Spa Glycolic Cleanser

  • This oil-free, alpha hydroxy acid based-cleanser provides the skin with gentle exfoliations.  Green tea and licorice extract help balance and condition the skin.
  • Recommended for all skin types.


Pretty Mommies core product consist of a simple three step skin care system that works safely and effictively to address the most common skin problems such as hormonal breakouts and melasma (hyperpigmentation). You can finally relax and enjoy beautiful skin without worrying about harmful ingredients.

Step One- Cleanse: Let's Be Clear Facial Cleanser washes away impurities without leaving your skin dry and dehydrated. It is specially formulated to help with hormonal acne breakouts and to brighten your complexion. It easily removes make-up, leaving your skin fresh and clean.

  • Step Two- Brighten: Truth be Told Skin Brightener will give your skin a bright, healthy glow. It is perfect for sun damaged skin and helps to lighten melasma, the brown spots associated with pergnancy.  It also helps control excess oil and reduces blemishes while leaving the skin soft and supple.
  • Step Three- Protect: Protect & Reflect SPF30 is a high physical sunscreen that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It reflects the sun's dangerous ultra violet rays so they do not penetrate the skin's surface. This sunscreen is highly effective at preventing hyperpigmentation and melasma from becoming worse.

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