SCA Biorepair Technology
After years of research, European scientists have discovered a unique technology to repair and prevent damage to the skin: SCA Biorepair Technology.

SCA Technology (which stands for Secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa, a type of snail*) is a growth factor, a mix of proteins that work to help skin regenerate tissue that is lost in the aging process and prevent further breakdown.

Tensage Provides:

•Firmer skin with renewed elasticity
•Smoothing of fine lines
•Softening of coarse wrinkles
•Increased hydration for softer skin
•Faster recovery following dermal procedures

SCA Biorepair Technology is available in a variety of strengths exclusively through the Tensage line of products. Each of the Tensage products has a Repair Index Number which indicates the strength of the product. Layering products provides the cumulative strength of everything applied.

Your skin care specialist will help you determine which products are appropriate for the level of repair and rejuvenation desired for your skin.

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